Coco Ami's Signature Bonbon Box

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We’d like to introduce Coco Ami’s signature collection! Some ideas lay on the cutting room floor and some make the cut. These three quintessential truffles are the ones that have made the cut.

Wild Blueberry Lavender “The Fruity One” 

We decided to go with a caramelized wild blueberry water ganache with a background hint of lavender. We made sure that the lavender is subtle enough so that it doesn’t taste like Grandma’s soap, but rather, drawing out those juicy, candy notes of blueberry ever more. All of this fits under our deep, dark, 70% chocolate shell to delightfully contrast with each layer of flavour.

Charcoal Sea-Salt Caramel “The Caramel One” 

Everyone fights for the caramel one, and luckily when you order our collection, you get at least two of these little bonbons! Here, we have a thick, dripping caramel encased in a milk chocolate shell, with specks of charcoal sea salt, with its deep, smoky bitterness offsetting that creamy richness. It sounds like a lot is going on here, but a sea salt caramel is undoubtedly one of life’s most famous simple pleasures. 

Crunchy Hazelnut Praline “The Nutty one”

Flowing caramels is fun and all, but how about some texture! Here is our hazelnut praline truffle (or gianduja, whichever language you speak!). A sweetened hazelnut paste mixed with milk chocolate and bits of feuilletine to add some crunch (think of feuilletine as a fancy corn flake!). These truffles are then set, cut, and hand-dipped it into a pool of dark chocolate, a dreamy enrobage that’s surely to make you melt on the inside.